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Artistica Jewelry

Artistica Silver Jewelry

Artistica Seashell Bracelet

Artistica Bracelets

Stunning link bracelets depicting Hawaii's sea life, made from precious platinum-glazed silver, blue topaz, and white freshwater pearls.

Starting At: $160.00 $80.00

Silver Turtle Earrings

Artistica Earrings

Earrings featuring Hawaii's underwater animals are made from platinum-glazed silver and blue topaz. Styles include dangling postbacks and studs.

Starting At: $170.00 $85.00

Silver Dolphin Ring

Artistica Rings

Artistica's rings are made from beautiful platinum-glazed silver and blue topaz. These are a dream for any jewelry collector.

Starting At: $145.00 $72.50

Silver Starfish Necklace

Artistica Necklaces

Depicting the rich Hawaiian marine sea life are made from beautiful platinum-glazed silver and blue topaz. Includes pendant and necklace designs.

Starting At: $125.00 $62.50

Silver Turtle Necklace

Artistica Turtle Bay

One of Artistica's most beloved collections, Turtle Bay highlights the sea turtle with quality platinum-glazed silver and colorful blue topaz.

Starting At: $225.00 $112.50

Silver Dolphin Necklace

Artistica Dolphin Cove

Artistica's dolphin jewelry consists of full collections of necklaces, earrings, and rings made in platinum-glazed silver.

Starting At: $135.00 $67.50

Artistica Seahorse Ring

Artistica Seahorses

If you're looking for exquisite Seahorse Jewelry, Artistica has charming pieces made from platinum-glazed silver, blue topaz, and diamonds.

Starting At: $150.00 $75.00

Silver Mermaid Necklace

Artistica Mermaids and More

An assortment of other sea life creatures depicted in unique platinum-glazed silver designs. Styles include Mermaids, fish and starfish.

Starting At: $140.00 $70.00

Artistica Flip Flop Charm

Artistica Charms

For your charm collection, Artistics's high quality silver charms are whimsical depictions of beach life, from the dolphin to a colada drink.

Starting At: $140.00 $70.00

Artistica Jewelry

Local award-winning designer Artistica has been making unique jewelry creations with the topmost quality and care. After 25 years since it’s beginnings, Artistica is still passionate with what they do, and has grown to become a trendsetter in silver Hawaiian jewelry design. The acclaimed Blue Hawaii collection is comprised of stunning platinum-glazed silver and celebrates the unique sea animals of the islands. Each design is touched up with rich blue topaz stones, evoking thoughts of the warm tropical waters these creatures inhabit.

Dolphin Jewelry, Whale Jewelry, Turtle Jewelry, and even Mermaids make their presence known in this rich collection of fine jewelry. Take a moment to browse through the rest of our Artistica collection, and create a full set of a matching ring, bracelet, and earrings.