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Hawaiian Jewelry Bracelet Size

Hawaiian Bracelet sizing instructions

Need help figuring out a bracelet size?

The best way to measure your size would be with a bangle sizer. Contact us if you would like us to send you a bracelet sizer, or download a printable sizer by clicking here.

You can also measure your bracelet size by taking a soft measuring tape and wrapping it around the widest part of your hand while it is positioned like the example in (fig 1). The size of the bracelet is measured in inches.

How do I measure the size of a bracelet that I own?

If you already own a Hawaiian bangle bracelet, you can take a measurment around the outside of the bracelet in inches, then subtract 1/4" to accomidate for the thickness of the bangle. Another option is to take an outside measurement and an inside measurement and avereage those.

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