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Denny Wong Collection

Denny Wong Sea Life and Flower Jewelry

Denny Wong Crab Pendant

Denny Wong Sea Life Jewelry

Striking designs by Denny Wong include Sea Turtle, Dolphin, Whaletail, and Crab jewelry.

Starting At: $195.00

Denny Wong Flower Necklace

Denny Wong Flower Jewelry

Denny's collection preserves the natural beauty of local island flowers such as the Plumeria and Hibiscus.

Starting At: $165.00

Denny Wong Dolphin Necklace

Denny Wong Silver Sea Life Jewelry

Marvelous sea life creatures spring to life in this collection made from precious platinum silver.

Starting At: $195

Denny Wong Silver Necklace

Denny Wong Silver Flower Jewelry

A great alternative to gold jewelry, Denny Wong's platinum silver collection includes full Plumeria jewelry sets.

Starting At: $165.00

Denny Wong Pearl Ring

Denny Wong Pearl Jewelry

Award-winning designer Denny Wong expresses his love for Hawaii through lariat necklaces, pendants, earrings.

Starting At: $565.00

Denny Wong Earrings

Denny Wong Earrings

Unique earring designs by award-winning designer Denny Wong, are available in gold and platinum silver.

Starting At: $220.00

Hawaiian Gold Ring

Denny Wong Necklaces

Plumeria, Dolphin, and Hibiscus necklaces are just a few of the designs available in Denny's necklace collection.

Starting At: $165

Denny Wong Flower Ring

Denny Wong Rings

Plumeria Rings, Dolphin Rings, and much more. Each piece is skillfully crafted from high quality materials.

Starting At: $220.00

Denny Wong Jewelry

Award-winning designer Denny Wong has been creating Hawaiian Jewelry for over 25 years. He puts forth all his efforts in ensuring top quality products, including Necklaces, Rings, Earrings, and Bracelets. All designs are a direct product of Denny Wong's vision and creativity.

Denny Wong Flower Jewelry is a vast collection of Plumeria Jewelry, Hibiscus Jewelry, and even Cherry Blossoms. Every design is given Denny Wong's signature diamond set in the middle of each flower. The Denny Wong Sea Life Jewelry collections involves the unique animals of Hawaii’s oceans featuring a large number of Dolphin Jewelry, Turtle Jewelry and Whale Jewelry. A popular pick among shoppers are the crab pendants with pearls. These styles also include the signature diamonds often set in the creature's eyes, creating a dazzling piece.

Explore Denny's creations, all vibrating a life and quality of their very own. We have a big collection of designs available, so if there is an item not on our site that you are searching for, please contact us. Take home with you a prized jewelry piece that honors the Hawaiian islands unlike any other design.