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Plumeria Jewelry

The Plumeria is one of Hawaii's most well known flowers, because it is commonly used in special events and decoration. Guests of honor are presented with elegant leis, and it is customary for island women to tuck a flower behind one ear. The flower's versatile five petal shape enables it to adapt to any outfit, and form any jewelry type.

Plumeria Jewelry is a favorite amongst shoppers, because of its beauty and wide appeal. We have a large collection with styles ranging from a single flower on a chain to an elaborate gold bracelet studded with diamonds. Designs vary widely, with styles that are appropriate for all ages. A pair of small Plumeria studs are a cute gift for young girls. If you're feeling bold, a large Plumeria Pendant is a stylish centerpiece to complete your attire. It is a fashion statement that expresses a of love for Hawaii and its culture. Jewelry is made from high quality 14K yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold, and even trigold. There are also styles available in silver, which is a great alternative to gold.

Our Queen Plumeria designs are prized for their sophistication and appeal. They have flowers with a smooth sandblast finish and high polished petal tips. Our Plumeria collection includes most forms of jewelry including: Plumeria Bracelets, Plumeria Necklaces, and Plumeria Rings just to name a few. This is our biggest collection and is always growing. Take a moment to browse through our gallery and build your own full set of matching Plumeria Jewelry. With hundreds of products available, no matter what your taste, we have something in our Plumeria Jewelry collection that will call out to you.