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Turtle Jewelry

The Turtle or Honu, as it is called in Hawaii, is a significant part of the local culture. To express their love for the islands, visitors and locals purchase fine crafted Turtle Jewelry. Variations in style include the way the turtle's shell is crafted. The shell can be engraved many different ways, and is often sanded down with a smooth sandblast finish. This gives a smooth texture similar to a real shell. Some jewelry styles include CZ stones or twinkling diamond eyes to add luster to the design.

Oftentimes a Turtle Jewelry piece is an emotional belonging, signifying a personal meaning or memory. Turtle Necklaces and pendants with multiple turtles often represent a family or someone the wearer cares for. Turtle necklaces with birthstones are popular among mothers, and looks great on casual and formal outfits. Our Gold Turtle Jewelry is often made from yellow gold, but there are plenty of designs available in white gold, rose gold, silver, two tone gold and even tri gold.

Turtle Jewelry is appropriate for all ages because the designs, materials and styles used to fashion each piece are as endless as the shapes and sizes the turtles themselves come in. From a large two inch pendant to postback earrings, there is something for everyone in our collection. There are large sea turtles with moveable fins, petroglyph style turtles with engraved shells, and young hatchlings bursting from their eggs. If you have ever visited the islands, wearing a turtle jewelry piece will evoke fond memories of the warm Hawaiian beaches.