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Happy Lei Day

May Day is Lei Day in Hawaii Nei!  Lei Day – May first – was the brainchild of Don Blanding. In 1927 he came up with the idea of a uniquely Hawaiian holiday that everyone could celebrate. His editors at the Honolulu Star-Bulletin presented it to the public and the idea was enthusiastically embraced.

Lei Day became an official holiday in 1929. During those first years the event included the selection of a Lei Day queen and court. Lei Day celebrations continue today, marking the first day of May with lei-making competitions, concerts, and the giving and receiving of lei among friends and family.

The 86th annual Lei Day Celebration in Waikiki takes place all day today.  Fresh flower leis will drape on statues.  Keiki prepare for weeks to dance and perform for their parents at schools around the state.  It is a great day to share your warm ALOHA with everyone!