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Hawai’i Loves Spam!

Got Spam?  Hawai’i loves spam so much, we got our own special edition can back in 2007 on their 70th anniversary!  Known at the “Miracle meat”, Hawai’i has embraced it and even honors it every year at our Waikiki Spam Jam.  How do you like your Spam?..Spam musubi?..McDonald’s Spam and egg breakfast plate?..Spam fried rice?

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2 thoughts on “Hawai’i Loves Spam!

  1. I love to make Spam stir fry. I cube it and stir fry with large chopped green bell peppers and onion, add pineapple tidbits at the end and a splash of teriyaki or soy sauce to finish. Oh, yum!

  2. That sounds delicious Mary Sue! Ohh.. is it lunch time yet?

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