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Honolulu Facts

Waikiki hotels and Ala Moana


In 1845, Honolulu became the capital of the Kingdom of Hawai‘i. “Hono” means “bay” and “lulu” means “peaceful or protected.” Honolulu means “protected bay.”

Did you know that before Hawaii was annexed by the United States in 1898, Honolulu was occupied by the Russians, French, and British, on separate occasions.  In 1794, the first European, Captain William Brown, landed in Honolulu. Natives, however, had settled the land almost 600 years earlier during the 1100’s

Honolulu is the only city in the United States that is home to a royal palace.  The Honolulu Symphony was founded in 1900, making it among the oldest symphony orchestras in the United States.  More than 100 beaches surround Honolulu, more than almost any other city in the world.