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Hawaiian Jewelry Repairs

If your Hawaiian Jewelry tarnishes or in need of repairs, please contact us and our goldsmiths can have it fixed within a short amount of time. We do re-enameling, resizing, and re-engraving, and cleaning. Return shipping charges may apply.


Free if our merchandise.

$40 rings, bracelet, pendant.


$50 for silver jewelry.

$50 plus cost of gold for gold jewelry.

Change the name on existing jewelry

$150 - please inquire about restrictions.

Inside Engraving

$40 for deep block letters.

$20 for hand engraved letters.


$70 for bracelets

$40 for rings and pendants.


$50 for reshaping, cleaning, and polishing.

Rhodium Coating

$60 bracelets $40 rings and pendants.

(for white gold jewelry turing yellow)

Hawaiian heirloom gold bangle bracelets.